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Welcome to DrinkingtheInk Design StudioWelcome to DrinkingtheInk Design StudioWelcome to DrinkingtheInk Design StudioI'm Jason. I illustrate and design for people who need those kinds of things done. And I put some real chootzpah into it because I love it. I design for the web, print and any other medium that's begging for it. This is where I document my adventures.

Plenty to browse through. If you want to collaborate on a project, then just drop me a line and let's start a conversation about it. Chances are we can make something exciting.
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About the Studio

DrinkingtheInk Design Studio is the brainchild of graphic designer/web developer Jason M Harrison, who bides his time with his beautiful wife, Lauren, and two cats, Fennec and Jonathan, in the cultural semiconductor that is Austin, TX.

During the day Jason does web development and UI design for a software company based here in the Texas capitol. He studied Journalism and Advertising at Sam Houston State University all while designing ads, logos, websites and promotional materials for magazines, newspapers, private businesses, sporting events and music festivals.

When not doing his damnedest to create on-point eye candy, he can be found catching live music shows with his wife, playing guitar or on the soccer field playing for his club.

He is enthralled, inspired and intimidated by engaging design. This studio serves only to be that by which his hat is thrown into that massive ring.

Let's Communicate

Do you have a project or event that requires dire design reinforcement? I do logos, posters, websites, cd packaging, illustration, motion graphics and anything else pixel or vector related. The only other ingredients I need is the right project. That's where you come in. Let's talk about what we can create.